Patricia Peters…

Like so many artists, Patricia started with a basic class in oil painting.

Thankfully, her mother deemed the results sufficiently worthy to be placed with honor on the livingroom walls… a maternal instinct showing great insight that sooner or later a fledgling Patricia would eventually find her way.

However, it wasn’t until several years later, after her own family had arrived and began maturing, that Patricia decided to take up the brush with more serious vigor…. this time with watercolors. Soon, she found herself attempting to understand abstract design, and began exploring a gentle, suggestive, and more impressionistic style of artistry. She also became very interested in texture, and commenced her love of mixed media and layering.

It was challenging to be a part-time working mother to six, growing and very active children, and so it has only been in recent years that she felt impressed to explore what acrylics were all about. This was the spark that re-ignited her interest in painting.

It seems that from then on, whenever she had a minute, she would emmerse herself in what was becoming a burning, and most passionate affair with color, image, and texture.

Painting has become once more her play time; and within these moments of childlike joy, she expresses her enthusiastic love of the land, her fascination with light, and her carefree emotional response to color. She is an artist of exceptional excitement when exploring with paint, and continues to hope that recipients might be able to feel and share much of that same energy.

In her development, she is grateful for all the support received from the Blind Bay Painters and the Federation of Canadian Artists. Membership and active association within these groups has inspired and encouraged her to bravely try new things and to keep challenging her skills and talents in discovering her own particular path.

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